PEP Housing and Mentor Me Petaluma

Mentor Me Petaluma

Mentor Me Petaluma and PEP Housing are collaborating to foster common core values of fostering intergenerational connections in our community. In November, three presentations by Mentor Me Petaluma Executive Director, Deborah Dalton describing the mentorship programs and welcoming PEP Housing senior residents have proven to be successful. Mentor applications soon followed, and new one-to-one relationships between youth and seniors are blossoming. Life experience offers so much wisdom, and when there is a willingness to share, amazing things can happen, and young people and their families reap the benefit. One PEP resident also offered her time for volunteering of administrative support for MMP,which is greatly needed. It’s great when the only qualification a person needs to really make a difference in someone’s life is offering the time.
Looks like we are on to something… Stay tuned for information on more collaboration: 10K fundraising event for the fall with Mentor Me & PEP!

To learn more about Mentor Me Petaluma please visit their website.