Turn your gold into a donation to PEP Housing!

PEP Housing is very fortunate to have a great deal of support from our local community. Hollingsworth Jewelers Gallery recently started a fundraiser where you can bring your scrap gold to them and in turn 10% of the purchase price you are given will go to PEP Housing!  Below is the letter we received. Thank you Mike and Tammy!

Dear Mary,

We would like to raise funds for PEP Housing during January and February. One of our highest values at Hollingsworth Jewelers Gallery is partnering with Petaluma community organizations to make our city a great place to live. It’s a value our customers appreciate too. Many are active volunteers and supporters of our city’s non-profit organizations.

So, we’re proposing a simple fundraiser that will benefit your organization and your supporters at the same time. Your supporters bring scrap gold – unwanted jewelry, dental gold and electronic parts – to Hollingsworth Jewelers Gallery. We’ll appraise the gold and offer a fair price based on current market value. If they choose to sell their gold to us, we will make a donation equal to 10% of the purchase price to the Petaluma non-profit organization of their choice. When they mention your organization, we will send the donation to you.

Gold image

Last week we purchased a gold bracelet from a customer for $988. That would mean a donation of $99 to a non-profit organization. Some of our gold purchases are for a few hundred dollars. Even then, the donation is significant, especially when multiplied by many customers.

The best thing is this fundraiser requires little effort on your part. Just insert the graphic and caption below into your next newsletter, email newsletter, website and/or Facebook page. Direct your supporters to us. We’ll do the rest.

Just bring your scrap gold to Hollingsworth Jewelers Gallery. Mention us and they will pay you for the gold and make a donation equal to 10% of the sale to us. For details, go to: www.hollingsworthjewelers.com/gold  We’re confident this fundraiser will be beneficial to your organization and your supporters. This offer ends Feb. 28. We’ll disburse donations by March 15.

Mike & Tammy Hollingsworth
Hollingsworth Jewelers Gallery