Developing quality housing for older adults takes focused and diligent efforts of a very dedicated team. Take a moment to read about some of the most talented people in the business of developing and managing quality affordable housing for older adults.

Jennifer LitwakJENNIFER LITWAK, CEO – Joined PEP Housing in August 2023.

Jennifer is the Chief Executive Officer of PEP Housing. She successfully managed the closing of over $1.3 billion in multifamily acquisitions and overseen the development, preservation and renovation of over 8,882 units of affordable housing nationwide. Jennifer is an active member of the American Bar Association’s Section of Real Property, Trust and Estate Law and serves as Vice Chair of the Residential, Multi-Family, and Special Use Group.  Jennifer also serves as the American Bar Association’s Section Advisor to the Uniform Law Commission’s Unlawful Restrictions in Land Records Act Committee.

Jennifer serves as the Vice Chair of Urban Land Institute’s Affordable & Workforce Housing Council. She has taken on numerous roles with Commercial Real Estate Women Network (CREW) and served as an appointed member of various National Committees including, Network Industry Research, Member Education, and Scholarship Selection since 2016.  In 2020, Jennifer was inducted into the CREW Visionaries program.

In 2019, she became a Fellow of the American Bar foundation, a global honorary society of legal professionals and scholars who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, and received the Gamechanger Award from Connected Women of Influence. She was also selected by GlobeSt. Real Estate Forum as a Women of Influence for her achievements in the Humanitarian category in 2020 and in the Independent/Non-Business Professional of the Year category in 2019. In 2017, Jennifer was profiled by the Daily Transcript’s Influential Women Report as one of the most influential women in San Diego County, and in 2016 she was chosen as one of the Top 100 Business Professionals in San Diego. Jennifer was recognized as one of Real Estate Forum’s Fifty Under 40 in the commercial real estate industry in 2015.

Jennifer earned a Bachelor of Arts from Wake Forest University, where she graduated magna cum laude, and holds a Juris Doctor from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. She is a graduate of the prestigious Development Finance Certified Professional (DFCP) program of the Council of Development Finance Agencies and completed an Executive Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership from John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University.  Jennifer is also an active member of 5050 Women on Boards, Corporate Directors Forum, and the Junior League of Santa Rosa.

Kathryn GrossExecutive Assistant – Joined PEP Housing in October 2016


Our resourceful Resident Service Coordinators (RSCs) receive special training and certification from Ohio State University’s Department of Gerontology, maintain their professional standing in the American Association of Service Coordination (AASC), and stay current with frequent changes in the complicated service network. They make sure new residents are oriented to their communities by meeting with each resident and performing an intake of their needs. The RSC can guide the resident to resources such as discounts on utilities and nutritious food supplement programs. Additionally, they can learn about transportation alternatives, health coverage options, and local opportunities for recreation, entertainment and community involvement. As our residents age, health crises may occur and new needs arise, but PEP’s seniors know they can count on their Resident Service Coordinators for compassionate and timely help.

Jillian Strawn, Resident Services Manager – Joined PEP Housing in August 2023

Erin Hoffman, Sr. Resident Services Coordinator – Joined PEP Housing in February 2003

Matthew Distefano, Resident Services Coordinator, Orange Tree Senior Apartments – Joined PEP Housing in July 2021

Stefania Hernandez Martinez, Resident Services Coordinator – Joined PEP Housing in June 2023

Caitlin Johnson, Resident Services Coordinator – Joined PEP Housing in June 2023


The Department of Housing Development is responsible for creating new affordable housing opportunities for PEP Housing. The department identifies potential acquisitions, conducts feasibility studies and entitlement work, obtains financing, and oversees construction. In order to best serve the needs of the very low-income population, the department works diligently to stay on the cutting edge of innovation in terms of both financing and construction methods. The department also works with for-profit developers of larger projects, providing project enhancement and management expertise in the affordable housing arena, allowing both parties to achieve individual and mutual objectives.

Jim WallenDirector of Housing Development

Jim joined PEP Housing in December 2017 as the Director of Housing Development. He comes from a family that has been in the real estate and construction industries for decades. Jim has over 30 years of experience in cross enterprise operations management, sales and marketing. Jim brings an innovative, results-driven professional leadership style creating fluid team dynamics, effective solutions-oriented problem solving and construction development management. He graduated from Chico State University in Business Administration Financing, with an emphasis in Real Estate Management.

Lynsey Serpa, Project Coordinator – Joined PEP Housing in August 2022


The Department of Finance is responsible for all the financial affairs of the organization, including preparation of periodic financial statements and acting as liaison with the organization’s independent auditors. The department maintains effective internal controls that guarantee the safeguarding of company assets.

Karin Anderson, Director of Finance

Karin joined PEP Housing in May 2023 as the Director of Finance. Karin is a life-long resident of Sonoma County. She spent the last 25 years as the Financial Controller/Treasurer for Alvarado Street Bakery in Petaluma, California. Karin made the decision to begin a new chapter in her life by working for a mission-focused organization like PEP after seeing the positive impact affordable housing had on her grandmother. Karin believes in the Organization’s mission and wants to serve and help others.

Karin is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), has her B.A. in Economics, emphasis on Accounting, from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and a Master of Science in Taxation (MST) from Golden Gate University. She was an Adjunct Instructor at Santa Rosa Junior College and has served on several for profit and non-profit boards.

Amanda Cook, Staff Accountant – Joined PEP Housing in April 2016

Kathy Bellefeuille, Accounting Manager – Joined PEP Housing in February 2019

Cathy Carey, Accounts Payable Clerk – Joined PEP Housing in May 2023


The Department of Property and Compliance works to ensure compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations that govern PEP properties. The Department maintains a complete and thorough understanding of all regulations related to property management and fair housing, ensures the implementation of such regulations and completes all required reporting.

Dominic Roybal, Director of Property Management

Dominic joined PEP Housing in August 2010. He is a native to Sonoma County and has deep roots within the community. Dominic has worked in the property management industry for over two decades and has a broad range of experience in the affordable housing industry. He is dedicated to helping people, often volunteering in the community. He is driven to provide senior residents with caring, compassionate, and outstanding service. His focus during his time with PEP Housing has been on the asset and portfolio management side of the organization.

Morgan Lemos, Operations Manager – Joined PEP Housing in January 2014

James Peavler, Property Management Coordinator – Joined PEP Housing in February 2023


PEP Housing employs resident managers that live and work on-site at PEP Housing’s larger properties. Managers oversee the day-to-day operations of the properties, process annual re-certifications, and conduct periodic inspections of units, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements. Managers also work regularly with residents to establish a sense of community and to ensure that their needs are being met on a daily basis.

Michael Engel, Sun House Senior Apartments – Joined PEP Housing in August 2021

Janice Costanzo, Mountain View  & Toussin Senior Apartments – Joined PEP Housing in June 2022

Dan Linberg, Vallejo Street Senior Apartments, 575 & 579 – Joined PEP Housing in December 2008

Kimberly Camera, Edith Street, Don Bennett, and Fisher I and II Senior Apartments – Enthusiastically awaiting to fill role.

Erika Frank, Richard Lieb Senior Apartments – Joined PEP Housing in January 2015

Mauricio Felix, Kellgren Senior Apartments – Joined PEP Housing April 2016

Erin Rehberg, Casa Grande Senior Apartments – Joined PEP Housing in February 2020

Lisa Sampaio, Orange Tree Senior Apartments – Joined PEP Housing in April 2019

Julia Bergue, Vigil Light Senior Apartments – Joined PEP Housing in February 2023

Sheri Gutierrez, Caulfield Lane, Herb Lee and Duplex Senior Apartments – Joined PEP Housing in June 2023

Robena (Robbi) Marsh, Acacia Lane and Linda Tunis Senior Apartments – Joined PEP Housing in September 2023

Lisa Marie Risner, River City Senior Apartments – Joined PEP Housing in September 2020, left and rejoined in November 2022

Tabatha Auwarter, Pony Express Senior Apartments –Joined PEP Housing in May 2023


The Compliance Department is responsible for ensuring adherence to all federal, state, local and lender/partner regulatory requirements within the organization. The compliance team works with all PEP employees to ensure an understanding of their role in remaining compliant with all regulations that govern PEP properties. The Department attends all regulatory audits and works to maintain good relationships with PEP partners by providing consistently high scores and accurate reporting. All members of the Department maintain the highest level of education by consistently attending industry trainings and monitoring for changes and updates to regulations related to affordable housing management.

Kerrily Beaton, Director of Compliance

Kerrily has 19 years of Affordable Housing Compliance experience. She joined PEP as the Compliance Manager in 2013 and in December of 2022 created a Compliance Department within PEP as the Director of Compliance. She enjoys keeping compliance systems well organized and on track, ensuring regulatory requirements are implemented and understood by all PEP employees. Kerrily has achieved the highest level of certification from HUD and TCAC by successfully passing training courses focused on Affordable Housing, Occupancy and Compliance but knows there is always more to learn.

Jennifer Rahman, Compliance Specialist – Joined PEP Housing in September 2023

Jennifer Mazzamuto, Compliance Specialist – Joined PEP Housing in April 2023


PEP Housing’s maintenance staff ensures our properties and residents have the highest level of care available. This can range from overseeing the beautiful landscape to replacing appliances to preparing a unit for a new resident who has been on our waitlist for five or more years. The residents are familiar with and trust the staff coming into their homes. Our maintenance staff does an outstanding job maintaining PEP’s beautiful properties

Pam LemosDirector of Maintenance

Pam joined PEP Housing in May 2012. She came to PEP with extensive experience in the field of maintenance.  She started her career with PEP Housing as the janitor and, through hard work and dedication, earned a well-deserved promotion to Director of Maintenance. Pam manages a staff of maintenance technicians and ensures our portfolio of 21 properties are well maintained and units are ready for those individuals who patiently waited, up to six (6) years, to move into their beautiful new home.

Scott Jacobi, Maintenance Supervisor – Joined PEP Housing in March 2019. Scott assists Pam in overseeing the maintenance staff and ensuring the properties are well maintained and ready for move ins.

Randy Miller, Maintenance Technician – Joined PEP Housing in September 2016

Jim Easter, Maintenance Technician, Sun House Senior Apartments – Joined PEP Housing in June 2018

Frank Peralto, Maintenance Technician – Joined PEP Housing in August 2017, left in 2018, and rejoined in June 2021

Chris Williams, Maintenance Technician – Joined PEP Housing in May 2022

Ismael Viera, Maintenance Technician, Pony Express Senior Apartments – Joined PEP Housing in August 2023

OPEN, Maintenance Technician, Orange Tree Senior Apartments – Enthusiastically awaiting to fill position