PEP’s Service Coordinators have a wealth of knowledge in seemingly every aspect of senior issues! –A PEP resident

PEP Housing recognizes that our low-income residents need more than just a comfortable, safe and affordable place to live in order to maintain their dignity and independence. They also need benefits to survive on their limited budgets and timely access to supportive services as needs change. However the benefits and services that exist for seniors constitute a complex network that has evolved piecemeal over time and it can be confusing to understand and frustrating to navigate.

Our resourceful Professional Service Coordinators receive special training and certification from Ohio State University’s Department of Gerontology, maintain their professional standing in the American Association of Service Providers, and stay current with the frequent changes in the complicated service network. They make sure that new residents are oriented to their communities and offer to meet with them to assess their needs. They may benefit from discounts on utilities and nutritious food supplement programs and may need to know about transportation alternatives, health coverage options, and local opportunities for recreation, entertainment and community involvement. As our residents age, health crises may occur and new needs arise, but PEP’s seniors know they can count on our Service Coordinators for timely help.

Healthy Aging Program

Residents attending the “Movement Class” at Vallejo Street Apartments

Aging challenges impact physical and mental health. PEP’s Service Coordinators schedule informative presentations on common aging issues such as health care and medication management, budgeting, grief support, fraud awareness and fall-prevention. They also provide movement classes that build core strength and balance as well as stress reduction. Discussion groups that focus on aging issues develop self-esteem while fostering a sense of community and interdependence. Gardening consultants help residents grow their own vegetables in the provided raised garden boxes. Preventative health strategies are encouraged by providing senior-friendly fitness equipment and health kiosks and supporting the use of home monitoring devices.

Intergenerational Programs

Interactions between seniors and youth can benefit both age groups. Our Service Coordinators maintain a connection with a local high school, providing presentations to freshmen classes on aging issues and overseeing student volunteers who help residents with their technology challenges and enjoy mutual sharing of personal stories.

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