Information about your household must be verified by third parties, such as current and previous landlords, employers, Social Security Administration, and banks. Be prepared to sign a release allowing us to contact these and other parties, and for them to release information to us.

Also, you may be asked to assist us in getting your information verified by encouraging your landlord, employer, etc. to return the information quickly on your behalf. Depending on the verifications returned to us, we may request additional information; especially if the information on your application differs from the verification. To prevent delay, please be sure you have answered all questions accurately and completely. Qualifying as an eligible resident for household does not give you any lease or rental rights. You will be offered a unit only when you have received an offer letter from PEP Housing and have been presented with a written lease.

A credit check will be processed on each adult household member at this time to determine your ability and willingness to pay your obligations. Time is of the essence. Typically, three to five applications are processed simultaneously for each unit that becomes available. It is important that you respond to requests for information accurately and in a timely manner.

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